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Hello JD, I miss you here on tumblr more often. I would like to comment on the reviews on your blog about Harry’s GI updates. I think he acts like he needs to act both publicly and privately, it’s really hard to keep up appearances and I think he needs to push harder now. As I said, they both play a character now.

And I do not think he has stopped following someone because of her, but because he is unhinged. I have exposed much of my opinion about his current behavior in public. He strives to keep the theater, for now he has become really difficult, and yet he deceives no one. PH knows that criticism of them is not like unfounded criticism of Kate or other members of BRF. PART2

He must be biting his own tongue for mocking Kate about her being too ‘clean’ in his opinion. He desires a woman like her now, with a good character, integrity, respectable, loyal, loving, true, for he had time to realize Kate’s worth and how lucky her brother was to have a woman who truly loves him. PART3

Meghan may have banked the woman in love often without being in love, so with PH. What he does in public now, what he does in private does not mean anything. Understand everyone. There is no love there. Love is a purely spiritual feeling, first these two would need to evolve as human beings to know what that is. PART4


I miss everyone too, I didn’t go anywhere, I’ve been all over the place trying to get things in order. Some people are scared to send me anons, it gets around, I know.  No one should feel they can’t approach me. 

It’s a very confusing time to figure out is Harry acting or is he really with her? We saw with our own two eyes but there are so many questions.

We all know this not what they do this isn’t amateur hour, red flags are popping up everywhere.  Don’t worry, this circus is going to get even weirder! 😹😹😹 Love JD

Let me kiss and love you


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