Movie Web~ 5 Hot actors who could play Superman

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I was talking with my good friend @culinary16 the best IG hunter on the internet, and we’ve been talking about  our favorite Super hero actor Henry Cavill.

Lately, there have been shocking revelations that we might lose him as Superman. We conclude that the sharks are in the water (PR) campaigning for the job. Studios have been too damn cheap to realize what a gift they have.  You know you only get what you paid for, that usually means bad. Threating to look for unknowns or barely known hungry actor for a long-term contract that they can manipulate for next to nothing.

We decided this was the fairest article out there and the most truthful.

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Movie Web ~ 5 Hot Actors who could play Superman

by Julian Roman

Henry Cavill may have taken his last flight as the Man of Steel. Reports crashed the internet with news that Cavill would not appear as Superman in Warner Bros. upcoming Shazam!Talks between Henry Cavill’s representatives and the studio broke down. The rumor being that Warner Bros. wanted to take the DC Universe in a different direction. Shifting their focus to a Supergirl film adaptation and recasting the role of her cousin. Cavill then committed to filming The Witcher series for Netflix. Followed by a mysterious instagram post where the actor captions, “Today was exciting #Superman.” While wearing a “Krypton Lifting Team” t-shirt no less.

It’s no secret that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment want to emulate the success of their rivals at Marvel Studios. Henry Cavill’s Superman films, Man of SteelBatman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, and Justice Leagueall underperformed. If Ben Affleck is indeed also out as Batman, it gives the studio an epic do-over. They could relaunch Batman and Superman while keeping the other Justice League actors, especially Gal Gadot as Wonder WomanWarner Bros. official statement on the Superman matter, “We have a great relationship and great respect for Henry Cavill that continues to remain unchanged. Additionally we have made no current decisions regarding any upcoming Superman films.” This could all be conjecture, or just part of Cavill’s negotiation strategy for a bigger chunk of Kryptonite.
Let’s assume that Henry Cavill is out, and jump headfirst in the online speculation game. Most of the articles postulating a new Superman are ridiculous. As a black critic and journalist, I almost fell off my chair laughing that Michael B. Jordan was being considered for Clark Kent. Let’s get back to reality folks. Warner Bros. is going to cast a white actor as Superman. I would absolutely love for Jordan and Idris Elba to be a possibility, but that isn’t happening. Warner Bros. wants a guaranteed money maker in their tentpole Superman franchise, not to have equality discussions in Hollywood or fire up the fan base. The new actor will not be expensive. The studio will search for an unknown, or someone relatively famous that can be locked into a long term contract.
Any actor playing Superman has to fit his body type. They must be over six feet tall, have a muscular build, and have the acting chops to portray the gawky Clark Kent alter ego as well. Jon Hamm and Armie Hammer are popular choices. Jon Hamm is too old for the part at forty-seven. Armie Hammer is a good actor who’s certainly tall, but just doesn’t strike me as Superman. Watch Hammer alongside Cavill in The Man from U.N.C.L.E. for reference. I loved Christopher Reeve and Brandon Routh, but their interpretations of Superman may be outdated. I believe that Warner Bros. will be looking for an edgier, more rugged actor as a reflection of the times. Someone who can kick superhero ass, but is attractive and versatile enough to win over that all important youth demographic. The picks below are not popular choices. They are five talented character actors with the physical and emotional gravitas to portray the greatest hero in the DC Universe.
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  1. The one that comes to mind is Dwayne Johnson maybe? idk maybe they’re looking for a certain look because the superman I remember always had blue eyes lol But if they are looking to change I think He would fit. Or John Cena lmao

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