Cosmo~ MM outlet hits back at Sam , big PR push- comment in the tea room forum

FOX's "Meghan Markle: An American Princess"


Today in “huh, okay then” news, Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samatha Markle is out here on Twitter claiming that her home is being bugged. “To the morons sitting in the van running a mobile router to tap my phone, close your zippers, your shrinky dinks are visible,” she wrote along with a classic GIF of Joey from Friends.


It’s unclear who Samantha claims is tapping into her phones, but she also says that she’s had “remote cameras” put on her. Assuming this is actually happening, it sounds very wrong and stressful. But hey! At least she has a good sense of humor about it!


Samantha has been quite active on Twitter lately, routinely bashing her sister for not making amends with their father Thomas Markle, comparing Prince Harry to a hamster, and calling Meghan “The DuchASS,” which to be honest is a pretty solid sibling burn. She’s also—lest you forget!—working on her autobiography, which appears to be called In the Shadows of the Duchess.


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20 Comments on “Cosmo~ MM outlet hits back at Sam , big PR push- comment in the tea room forum”

  1. Totally agree with you Cate, but I am just waiting until Sam decides that she doesn’t need Meghan to shine. They are so delusional people that it might happen.

  2. I agree Cat Lady – the father  is part of her pr and is cooperating with her.  Sam is a wild card.  Maybe she is maybe she isn’t.  Depends on the weather LOL.  Sam knows a lot of the dirt on MM but she never really spills it.  Why not if she dislikes her sister so much?  Says to me Sam is in on the scam the whole family is.  

  3. I truly believe that she’s not being mean to her family, I think she’s paying them to get more P.R. But at the same time I believe that Samantha wants to be the star and will do anything to steal the spotlight.

  4. This is what happens when you fuck family over. They are obnoxious yes and trashy but none of this would happen if she was good to her family. If she was and they were still assholes I would understand why she wouldn’t want anything to do with them. But it’s the complete opposite here 

  5. oh it will be more of Sam’s rants.  I doubt she drops anything good.  Unless they paid for the trip in which case she’ll have to give them something.  Sam is as crazy as MM.  And she focuses on bringing attention to herself as opposed to dropping seriously damaging info on Megsy.  IMO the real action now is the UK’s current crisis.  Will the RF curb Markle to keep the angry comments down?  Will they move to send her packing sooner now?  This situation could get very dicey and the RF could find itself vulnerable and unable to wait the famewhore out.  

  6. I really want to know what she will do. I know it goes agains the boycott, but I do think that Samantha is just waiting to kick Meghan’s ass.

  7. OH MY GOD, Samantha is in Italy. I just read that on tumblr. I know they are playing the Kardashian way of PR, but for the love of God, things are getting weirder and weirder. I do believe that if she gets the chance Samantha is going to get rid of Meghan and try to be famous on her own. That family is the most disfunctional family I have ever seen in my life. 

  8. No it’s quite alright. I have found out it was a misunderstanding, as to why I did delete.  But in all honesty I was gonna delete that blog anyway. I just had enough and was gone. So believe me it’s all good. I have more  time to focus here and help make this website awesome! I thank you Miss Cate 💖💖💖💖💖

  9. BTW I love the megxit hash tag.  And free Prince Harry.  I checked you gov US and she is at a 30% net approval rating there.  Not great but not terrible.  But consider the money spent and that is the best she gets?  26% of Americans polled have not even heard of her.  LOL.  Waste of money.  

  10. Vintage so sorry bout you having to shut down.  Lots of sucky people around.  As for Sam – the whole family are probably major league loonies and I believe Sam may be cooperating with Megsy.  And the claims get more outrageous as time goes on cause it gets harder to get attention.  They are all grifters and nuts.  And making bank off this.   want to see a smackdown but we get instead the BRF’s passive low risk let her hang herself strategy.  Frustrating.  

  11. she’s garbage. and she is shady as fuck. they will not see this and so the bullshit will continue. I agree no more hashtags and no more exploiting her name. In my mind she does not fucking deserve the attention 

  12. Yes, it’s the Kardashian way of PR. It doesn’t matter what we do, if we click on their stories we are helping them. I try not to open articles and I don’t use hashtags. Do you think that the megxit hashtag is actually helping her?

    1. yes, good, bad and the ugly, all is PR for MM. Every we time we hashtag her it makes her numbers rise. We click on her articles the help her, talking about her

  13. Rachel Meghan Markle being “SO DIFFERENT” is the issue. The issue of her “fitting in” has NOTHING to do with the colour of skin, albeit the Markle STAN fans promote this “racist” agenda. It has nothing to do with her being an actress and certainly NOT because she is an “ultra-lefty” LIBERAL! Markle is not fitting in because of “CULTURAL” differences, NOT class structure either.In all honesty, if you don’t like horses, dogs and hunting, DON’T join the ranks of the British Aristocracy or the British Royal Family for that matter. They have three loves: horses, dogs and hunting Even if you are from Alabama, you can appreciate these three things. Markle for me FAILS on all accounts because (1) I have NEVER seen her with her dog(s) after she arrived in Britain – HAS ANYONE? Excluding that FAKE PHOTO outside KP. (2) Has anyone seen her ride a horse? EXCLUDING the photo of her and Thomas Sr. on rented stable horses on western saddles. Does she even know how to post for a trot, sit trot, cantor or gallop? Can she even tack a horse, use bridle, martingale (if needed), saddle pad, girth, etc? (3) Does she even eat pheasant, grouse or venison? Oh yes, a PART-TIME VEGAN who likes to “roast” chicken. Is there such a thing as a part-time vegan??? Well that is all for now. ~GB

  14. Well isn’t this a sticky wicket? I dare say Samantha is not easy to understand. She actually was having an “internet connection” issue, not a house bugging issue, but now a days who knows what she really means. She is alway off on a tangent and quite difficult to reel back in once she is unleashed. Her constant unlocking and locking of her account these couple of days was a sight to behold and we were tracking her followers count too. She picked up nearly 1,000 more followers during this time period; however, approximately 100 dropped off either due to their lack of interest OR being BLOCKED by Samantha herself. She still has some TROLLS lurking since we had already marked them. Well that is all for now! ~GB

    1. Thanks, gb, got a couple of tips, not confirmed, those ladies started the cookbook in November 2017, the mosque had the isis Beatles meet there. It looks like Harry is done, his behavior is showing he has had enough. The wig grab and the little half curtsey thing, in the beginning, had us in stitches. Markle is in charge, she no longer needs him, look for more antics from Harry. Blame it on the mother in law

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