Kensington Palace needs to change the password on Twitter

Kensington Palace gives Meghan Markle use of the Royal social media accounts

Good Morning Kensington Palace, since when do you go around liking celebrity comments?  Do you need their approval? We think that Meghan Markle herself has taken over the Royal Social Media accounts for KP. Everybody knows this is a farce. We support the Monarchy, not this rubbish. The book is about encouraging people in time of need, celebrate that, not a charlatan.  In the forum, this one go.

Thank you to  @sweetcarala for finding this.

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9 Comments on “Kensington Palace needs to change the password on Twitter”

  1. I thought she did say something relevant.  She said that Megsy told them she’d be in touch before the wedding.  She said there was no falling out but then Megsy just stop taking to them and they were unable to contact her.  Now if you believe Megsy and her father/sister are on the outs with her this sounds pretty cruel.  Makes Meghan look ruthless and like she discarded her family.  Which may be true.But if you are suspicious of everything this woman and her family do then you might think Sam is just setting things up so when the divorce comes Megsy can claim it was the RF who forced her to ghost her family.  Just like poor Megsy had to ghost all her friends.  The mean RF made her cut ties with those she loved isolated her.Makes for a good divorce narrative.  I do not know which version is true but I would not be so quick to dismiss Sam.  My bet is she is still working with her sister.Keep in mind when Megsy spoke of her ambitions for The Tig she thought it would be an international success.  Her pr describes her as a global  success.  This may be why an interview in Italy.  Megsy wants an international audience.

  2. Scorpio translated the interview. Basically Samantha didn’t say anything relevant, as we predicted. But she got a free trip, so I believe it was worth it for her.

  3. I saw this, good God that’s why so many people are losing hope and believe that Harry does love her and their marriage is real.Did you see the Samantha interview JD?

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