i cannot believe i watched @ 43 minutes of a doc meant to be specifically on HM only to see/hear a trollop’s self-adulation and speak about herself- not HM. there is @ 15 minutes of her in this & less than a few minutes on princess anne. anne is a dedicated daughter and rep for HM for decades yet a two bit z list yachter of a few weeks took precedence over anne? i was trying to avoid the sham news on next scotus. time to read a book and ignore 2 dim ppl.

I agree with you, I love Princess Anne, and I’m far more interested in her then the Zlister. It was 3 times like she was cut in there on purpose. We are being spammed with someone that might do some work? I can’t wait for part two next week. Are we actually going to get to see the queen in action?  I bet we get three more MM ads. 

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

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