New Poll~ Meghan Markle-Who is going to turn on Markle first ? in forum too! Please share

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20 Comments on “New Poll~ Meghan Markle-Who is going to turn on Markle first ? in forum too! Please share”

  1. The person she smears and doscards first will be the one to turn on her. My guess, knowing narc women, is Mulroney. She dumps female friends more often than male friends.

  2. She will only dump JM when she has a new best friend and it has got to be someone more important. She dumped Sarah Rafferty when she had JM as her bestie… I believe that Markus will be dumped first because JM is helping her get money and I don’t think Markus will help her with that. Also Markus is more untouchable and can do what he wants, JM is more famous specially in Canada, therefore she cannot risk to damage her reputation. Markus is a creature of the shadows.

  3. SOMEONE has to be smarter than her. Like… Anyone?

    She tries to dump them and we will hear EVERYTHING. I kinda want her to screw them. 😏😂

  4. I have a really mean idea….  I am so ashamed! Since they come to tumblr everyday we could give JM hints that Meghan is going to ghost her. See if JM follows the lead and ghosts her first… Just a really mean idea. Please don’t follow it.

  5. That is a good idea actually. But we have learned to not say certain things anyway alllll because of the fact that she does read there and she just loves to prove people wrong. As much as we want to be like hey guys dump the bitch because she’s about to dump you, we can’t. Unfortunately. 😒

  6. I think Markus and Jessica are naive if they think she won’t dump them. I will watch her behavior that the wedding quite carefully.

  7. Markus doesn’t come to me as the naive type, but I believe somehow along the way Jessica became dazzled. I don’t know I’m starting to think that Jessica has more chances of being dumped and Markus has more chances of turning against her.

  8. I don’t think she can dump Jess since Jess is her cover for the freebies she should not be getting as well as the merching.  Jess IMO gets the clothes/jewelry then passes it on to MM.  Jess gets paid (??) and holds it for MM.  The rumor is MM then charges PC for clothes she got for free and splits it with Jess.  I’m not sure about that – PC has to be an idiot if he is allowing that.  But dump Jess and how does she explain the freebies etc.?  Who does the soliciting for her if not Jess?

  9. She didn’t dumped JM, she can’t do it because she needs her. JM gets the clothes and the rest of the merch

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