The Express- Very Snarky~MM wears black because she is humble 😆

22 Comments on “The Express- Very Snarky~MM wears black because she is humble 😆”

  1. I’m not going to open this, but I am pretty sure is the article that says she wears black because she’s humble. It’s incredible her fixation with the tumblr community and what everybody says

  2. So you see it now? people have said she reads there and she proves them right every day lol

  3. yep – she reads the blogs sees the criticisms and boom she has her pr release an article.  It is a reflection of how insecure she is.  hen you ru a con you are always worried people see the con.  LOL Yeah we see it.  And she insulted all the other royal ladies including the Queen cause they do not wear black so does that mean they are not humble?  LOL

  4. What if we reverse the shit? Like plead with her to stay and then she will leave. LMAO 

  5. Actually I think they ran out of things to say about her black wardrobe so they picked what they thought it would be the most sensible thing to say. I don’t know, I’m so done with her. I don’t even open her articles anymore.

  6. I used to open everything to see all the lies. I wasted so much time!!! Oh Vintage, I miss your tumblr =( who’s going to talk to me about how handsome William is???

  7. I was thinking how in the hell does William upstage Harry? Like Harry was supposed to be the golden child. Not anymore. He let us know every other day where he was and what he was doing. We heard nothing from Harry when he was supposedly out there. 😒😂

  8. Markle is such a Narcissist she has to always be in the know of what is going on with her different PR angles. I would not expect anything different from her. With this stated, I am just happy, happy, happy Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge is public again. For heaven’s sake what the heck was going on with KP? I  saw posts calling for a boycott and blocking KP. I would prefer if there was a SEPARATE social media account for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!

  9. I agree. There should be, I would definitely follow them. I stopped following KP when the engagement was announced. Did not want that shit crowding up my twitter timeline. 

  10. I don’t now what is going on with all these new “insiders” showing up.  But they all have the same message.  Harry is under her thumb.  Not that he is in love BTW but that he is too weak to disentangle himself from her.  

  11. Hey Cecelia, It might be the new plan, let’s hear them out. I don’t know where they are going with this, but it’s the opposite of what the other insiders were saying. I do know for certain that it’s been a flip-flop for him. I do believe he said one thing and did another.

  12. One more thing, it’s come to my attention that insiders have been being deleted/blocked from skippy’s site as sugars.

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