This is why she did not wear her coat – she had to show the skirt to get paid.         There is the proof of merch.  She is such a greedy twit.  And it is pathetic what she will do for money.  Oh my, can you imagine Australia? 

All of this is illegal! So Peg has JM send in a bill, and Charles pays for it, covers their ass, but the blind says she is splitting the difference with JM. Plus she is getting a percentage of the sales, she is making more money then she has ever made in her life. Whatever the generous offer was,  it wasn’t enough to buy her the fame she is so desperate for. That money is in Toronto, I wonder if that came with an ATM card?  She can’t transfer to the states, without alerting the IRS and homeland security.  Something to think about. 

Thank you, Love, 💖💖