Just a notice. The Queen is well aware that the RF holds because she is alive. If you notice well off tumblr, the English are really happy that Will & Kate will become King and Queen. I have a lot of respect for Charles’s work. 4 months ago in France there was a hard documentary France 2 about Charles. The collaborators of Charles, who all speak French, have always insisted that Charles is well aware of his status, when Charles will mount on the throne his goal is to modernize the RF and prepare the reign of William. The Queen is well aware that William holds the survival of the RF. That’s why the Queen is happy to have Catherine as a beautiful little girl. @anonymoushouseplantfan had made a post on the positive impact of Catherine on the bourgeoisie who does not have blue blood but they are successful by the value of work.

That’s why the RF distances themselves from Harry, they can not afford to lose everything because of Harry’s immaturity and lack of reflection.

Thank you MTW 🌸🌸😎