Anon Time!! MM is a lazy fraud

I think he is still trying to make this work if he just gets her enough pr opportunities people will like her. So he imposes her on the IG people for the speech. He drags her around to engagements. When he accepts she is failing not because of the media or jealous racist people but because she is making no real effort then he can be saved, but now he still thinks he can salvage this. He can’t – Meghan is a fraud and a lazy fraud.
Thank you very much for your opinion, I agree she hasn’t done diddly but promotes herself for what reason? She quit acting, right?  Markle marches every chance she gets.  


2 Comments on “Anon Time!! MM is a lazy fraud”

  1. Oh yesI know the problem is also she is inauthentic and egocentric and a total fraud. But she is also lazy.

  2. The most common complaints about her after appearances are how they both look scruffy/in good of a good scrub with Domestos and a wire brush, how badly she dresses, and how fake she is, with her silly little heart-touching gestures and constantly looking into every camera available. That’s not what the British public wants from our Duchesses. I can’t believe she’s not being given that feedback. So the fact that she does nothing to correct these faults will continue to be held against her.

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