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Just “be yourself”?

If they don’t want to be liked “just because they’re royals,” they shouldn’t EXPECT to be protected “just because they’re royals.”

If they want to be liked for “who they are,” they SHOULD expect to be criticized for WHO they are, WHAT they do, and HOW they do it.

No one likes grifters who want to be praised while having others do their dirty work for them. If they want to say one thing, while doing something else, there’s a name for them: HYPOCRITES. -Roseberrycupcakes

//It’s been a while, friends. I read the blogs regularly. But I refrained from sending in submissions, because I simply couldn’t think of anything to write. I wanted to give the BRF the benefit of the doubt, but it seems like they’re already running out of public sympathy. I’ve been saying this for a while now: the time is running out for them. For the royalists who claim that the BRF “will win” based on the fact that “they’ve lasted for centuries”: greater empires and better kingdoms have fallen. If the BRF refuses to change ways, they won’t be an exception. Don’t be fooled by the grandeur of their past. It will be you who will be left brokenhearted.//


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  1. yup. and I said it before… with his issues with PTSD and whatever else, she knew EXACTLY who to fuck with. She knew he was weak. And prying onto his weakness is some trifling ass bullshit. The Narcs know who to pick. If this was William her ass would have been gone from the gate. 

  2. yeah same one whose wedding she crashed.  Is  it her or is it let’s make Megsy look bad and turn more of the public against her.  I don’t know.  Wow – I can see her doing that Vin calling all day etc.   But why did he put up with it?  

  3. wait I missed this… they’re going after the friends now? This is the same one she crashed the wedding right? 


    There was an anon a while back saying that she was keeping him from all of his friends. She would not let him talk to them or hang with them without her permission or without her being there. They also said she calls him a thousand times a day wondering where he is, what he’s doing. Like chick you need to back the fuck off. I understand the whole Narc thing I really do. people have had experiences, but this is a member of the BRF. They are letting this happen to him? This isn’t letting him deal with it this is “We don’t give a fuck about him let him fall because he is not the future king.” She knows all of these secrets thanks to him, and she will talk whether she’s in there or not. 

  4. Cate again – LOL.  So I am wondering about this attack on Tom Inskip.  The Sun prints her crap but they could also be poking Harry.  So I am not sure where this newest insult comes from.  But Inskip is a working guy and as such he needs a good reputation.  Being exposed in The Sun as a “bad influence” is sure not something he was happy about.  Who ever planted the story it is an example of the damage her presence does.  Blinds at CDAN attacking the York girls viciously, attacking Kate and claiming she used a surrogate.  Calling the Queen a day drunk.  Then stories in the US rags accusing the Queen of stupid shit she never did but making HM look like an autocratic out of touch meanie as well as those stories bout being degraded by the Queen’s demands for fertility tests.  I can see ignoring the blinds and the US media but now we are going after Inskip’s reputation?  Sure all of Harry’s friends when they were younger got exposed for young guy stupid but now he is a married man with responsibilities.  Why is this being put up with?  Is Harry this pathetic he allows his life long friends to be slandered?

  5. goddammit. Get it together. LMAO 


    Yup that’s exactly what she’s doing. Some days I pray Princess Margaret and The Queen Mother comes back. FOR. ONE. DAY. Bitch will be gone. I also pray for her to be in one room with Anne. I need that more than sex. hahahahaha

  6. ladies – my old sign in was not working so Cecelia is the same person as cate was LOL

    1. okay, I don’t know for the life know what happen, the value came up as null for an editor. the same thing happened to Vin

  7. This is what Harry has always failed to get with his “normalcy” routine.  If you are just like us why should we pay for you?  The royals must be aspirational – show us what we can be at our best. Not marrying some z list celeb who is using the BRF to huckster her way into fame and fortune.  Not showing up at engagements as if they both just fell in a drunken stupor out of bed.  

  8. YES!!!! Because the public is picking up on who meghan is. The British people have to pay for this trash. So they do deserve to know who she is. They are losing sympathy fast, along with their reputation. You would think they would try to get it back. smh

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