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As some of you may know, I refrained from being critical of the BRF for quite some time. I remained especially cautious of criticizing Harry, because I’ve been in his shoes and know how difficult it is to be in a relationship with a person everyone around you hates and/or to trick everyone around you to please them.

I’ve been keeping tabs on the blogs. Soho Anon and NSW offered new and interesting insights that seemed to tie pieces together. But if I had to choose ONE post that bothered me the most, it would be a GIF of Meghan lifting her eyebrows commenting that Harry’s “well-fed” during her cookbook outing.

When you’re in love, it shows. Or to be more precise, it shows when you’re NOT in love. Two people in love or at least in close proximity are always hypersensitive to each other’s actions and reactions. And even if THEY try to hide their true feelings in front of others, the mask tend to slip in most obvious way.

Allow me to give you an example: I had a platonic “fling” with a neurosurgery attending I used to work with. Without going into unnecessary detail, I’ll share a cute anecdote: I scrubbed in his open craniotomy one day, and when he was performing irrigation (washing the blood off) before closing, some blood splattered over me. I forgot to put on safety goggles (it was an emergency surgery, and we were in a rush), and I jumped slightly to avoid getting blood into my eyes. The next time he performed irrigation, he put his hand over the site to prevent blood from splattering. I cringed slightly when he did it, because surgeons, especially neurosurgeons, NEVER do something so considerate especially when they’re focused on closing someone else’s skull. He might as well have told all the scrub nurses that he was interested in me (rumors, of course, spread after this incident).

Smallest actions can reveal your true feelings when it comes to romance. That neurosurgery attending’s uncharacteristic show of manners was one; Meghan’s lifting of her eyebrows in annoyance/haughtiness was another. If someone were to tell ME to make sure that my boyfriend’s well-fed, I would NEVER lift my eyebrows like Meghan did. It’s not because I’m somehow “nicer” than Meghan; it’s because when you’re genuinely in love, you don’t perceive yourself as being superior to your lover. You want to make sure your partner’s well-fed even if they’re overweight. And your response to others’ comments about your lover is a display of your true feelings toward him.

We all knew Meghan was never really in love with Harry. Looking at Meghan’s family and their antics, we knew Harry married Meghan (if not by coercion) for “love.” The problem is, a romantic who’s willing to make such stance will always be hypersensitive to his lover’s actions. So if WE outsiders noticed Meghan’s true feelings toward Harry, Harry must already know that he has everything to lose and nothing to gain.

When you’re in love or have fallen out of love, others around you will be first to notice. So Meghan can continue to “correct” her mistakes on following engagements with Harry. She can give him “loved-up” looks for the cameras, and they can hold hands and blow each other kisses. Whatever. The debate on whether Harry’s with Meghan willingly and for what reason are different issues; but the FACT is, Harry and Meghan are NOT in love with each other. Now that I’ve been in love and I’m in love, I can be sure of that. -Roseberrycupcakes

//*Tip for Harry and hopeless romantics like him*

When someone loves you, it shows. You KNOW they love you. If you have to convince yourself that they love you, then they don’t. It’s as simple as that. I never once doubted that my neuro attending liked me; but I’ve been in relationships where I had to convince myself that my boyfriend (ex-boyfriend) “really truly” loved me.

Likewise, if you have to come up with a list of good qualities about your lover for you to remind yourself that you *are* in love with them, you’re not really in love with them. Love is not about being attracted to someone “because” they’re something or the other; it’s about being attracted “despite” their flaws. Love makes you do things you wound’t normally do; love is the urge to be someone better than you used to be, the need to do something you don’t normally do just to impress someone who you KNOW is flawed. So while your love may be unconditional, they’re never blind.//



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