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Hi Felix,

I saw Soho anons posts and they were fantastic. Very credible and the anon really sounds like an insider. Her posts make sense of everything – the sleazy Markus and MM at IG and everywhere else, the sudden change by Harry at IG, the rubbish wedding and grubby appearances, Harry’s need for relevance and stealing the limelight off Will and Kate. It also explains him allowing MM to merch from the beginning – he doesnt want to pay for he and her debts.

Their public appearances are getting worse – they both look unstable and erratic. They are both very immature and self centred, a recipe for disaster.

Interesting if the anon actually is an insider working with a Senior Soho person. This might mean they realise Harry and MM are PR disasters not successes, and that some Soho people may be starting to turn.

Harry has made a big mess for himself, and the upcoming Eugenie wedding followed by a full on tour should be very interesting.

HI NSW. I agree really good posts. Can’t wait till they spill more. It’s legit she owes them money and they are promoting her to make that cash back and much more.  Now I hope they begin to spill the beans so we can get a better understanding of the truth behind what has happened with Her and Soho.

As we see Harry has gone to a point of no return, can’t be trusted and will always be know as Prince Dimwit who likes to party at the taxpayers expense without doing the hard work like his father and Grandmother.

Have a wonderful evening NSW😊🙏❤️👍

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