Anon Time!! It’s been answered before

This might seem a rather redundant question to ask, sorry. How can you tell MM merch’s? I have read up on this in your blog, but can’t really understand the whole merching thing. MM wears Ralph Lauren and merchs that while holding the nvictus flag which is sick and just so disrespectful. What’s the difference between MM wearing stuff and DOC wearing stuff? One merch’s and the other doesn’t? I know royals are not allowed freebies or money outside their own.
Houseplants crew noticed a pattern in 2017 and we tracked it, found the designers on IG thanking her. Meghan Mirror had the information prior to any news outlet.  Now Meghan’s Maven does the same, she gets a percentage of sales.  We caught Jackie one of MM personas in the DM comments shout out don’t forget the dress!  Something like that, it should be on the blog. We handed over receipts to houseplant to compile. Check the archive for anonymoushouseplant it’s a long post.  It’s whatever Jess M can get for free and charge full price to CH, per Enty at CDAN, she is splitting the money with Jess, also Enty says, this is the most money she has ever made in her life doing this.
The Duchess of Cambridge wears British designers as much as she can and will purchase stuff on sale. British designers are not thanking her on IG, it takes longer for them to appear in DM, the DM makes a percentage too! Everybody cash’s in.
That’s the condensed version.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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