Anon Time!! Scars

Eugenie made a big statement showing her surgery scars. Very good for her! I think several statements made here. Princess Michael wore her brooch – which is a Christmas brooch. The inclusion of every child in the family. Except of course the non-walking babies! The royal detail on Eugenie’s dress showing her and her family’s connection to the United Kingdom. This wedding was everything a wedding Harry had should have been if Harry had any real commitment to UK/RF
Princess Eugenie is bringing attention to Scoliosis, did you read about that?  She was 12 years old, in intensive care for three days, a wheelchair, and a lengthy hospital stay.  I’m so impressed by her bravery, that poor kid was in pain for years.
Her dress I’m sure we will find out more details, but it means a great deal to her.
I did hear about the Blackmoor brooch but I haven’t seen it and why not? It’s collectible art. Bring links! You can be anon on my website.
MM wasn’t supposed to get a wedding; somebody bamboozled the BRF. Oh well, she is a control freak.
Thank you anon  🥂🌸🌸😎

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