Hey, JD I am so in awe of princess Eugene she was an absolutely perfect royal bride. After watching the wedding today and going through pictures, I can tell that the royal family saved all the dazzle for them. PH and MM got the basic Windsor version and I think the reason the TV cameras didn’t show mm’s pathetic attempt at a curtsey from an angle viewers could see was to save that special moment for Eugenie and her grandmother.
I really appreciate your post! It’s clear to see that when you take your time you get a heavenly Royal Wedding.  The other way you get the shotgun wedding, thanks for that Harry. 😉
Thank you anon  🥂🌸🌸😎
This is my screenshot, I had my finger PS the entire time.  I’m exhausted 😀💖. Seeing this live touched my heart. It was the greatest sign of love and respect, I’m welling up again.


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