I was really impressed with the story abut the dress – she knew the company from charity work she’d done. And she knew they did this special type of textile work. So she worked with them to develop the meaningful decorations in the textile. They then researched past royal wedding gowns and came up with the shape of the dress. So that dress has embedded in it the dresses of previous royal brides as well as the symbols of the people of Britain and NI..
Oh she looked so beautiful. And the fact she showed her scar from back surgery makes her even more awesome. She is a Princess, and even she has ailments, and it shows others out there that struggles with the same deal, that they can show their scars. It’s ok. That alone I will support her. Beautiful dress, beautiful service. Andrew and Fergie sho nuff stepped it up for their little girl.
But can we talk about that Aston Martin tho?? BOOM!!! lol
Much Love, Vintage

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