Oh Why In The World…

Jessica is going to australia. Maybe doria and ma can tag along. You know family affair Todau the Bristh royal family make me have hope. They are doing something letting her have her own tomb by doing all of this. The best revenge is the citizen hating you. Kudos keep doing it markle you dont know what hate can do ✌👐. My god eugenie everyone here at panama was like kat did you saw the princess?? She was beautiful No one remember harry and mm wedding buahhahahahah.
Miss Katherine! It’s Vintage! JD had to step away a second so I can definitely answer this.
This has turned into a joke. I watched the Orlando Invictus, and it was awesome. Now I feel this whole thing has turned into the Meghan Circus. Did you know there is talks about her doing the closing speech? I’m not even sure if it is true. But they have really turned this into a shit show, and people are disappointed. Then there’s these clowns going too just like last year? ugh!!!
Oh do not get me started on Eugenie’s wedding OMG she was beautiful, Jack was awesome and it was so well put together. I am a HUGE car buff and I absolutely LOVED that Jack got the Aston Martin DB10. THAT, my dear is class, and pure love.
It’s been a pleasure, and please hang in there, unfortunately this train isn’t stopping anytime soon.
Much Love, Vintage.