Anon Time! Does the family know?

You know, I’m beginning to wonder if his family knows what she has over him. He behaves as if he’s terrified that she’ll tell what she knows on him. All this time, I’ve thought that she had something on the RF–and she may, but after that Mirror article, I can’t help but think there’s something that only H & she know, and that’s what she’s holding over him.
Not all of them know what’s going on.  I  was watching the video; I can tell she is stifling him. Eventually, this will have to come out to them. Imagine their shock. Some are keeping up pretenses, but Kate looked like she has had enough. Since MM PR likes to throw her under the moving bus often, I can see why she is  not pleased with her.  They will always be polite like Princess Anne was doing, but I doubt they are calling for a get-together.
It’s going to hell followed by some back rubbing, and he is going to start thinking he is losing his mind.  It must be him; it’s not, it’s Narc at work breaking down the prey.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

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