That awful MIrror article reinforces the impression this marriage is a sick union between a wounded little boy and his Mommy. Except this Mommy is not warm and loving but a taskmaster who is stern with her child. I do not see this depiction benefits either Harry or Meghan. And frankly, the expression on her face was smug triumphant as if “I just humiliated him and I enjoyed it”. Devalue stage but surprising she is doing it in public.
She is going to prove it publicly, see right there, look see! The thing is, are you going to let that happen to a prince of the realm press people? It pains me to watch this shit show turn into a public beheading at granny pants stinking paws. Harry may have brought her in with her manipulation, but does he really deserve to go under like this?  I’m not okay with this.
Harry ask for help, you have to ask us.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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