Anon Time! Skeptical about lip readers

I am skeptical about the tabs lip readers reports. There were lip readers telling us Harry said positive Meghan things during the wedding and then other li readers negated that. A lip reader came to one of the sites and said that at one point Harry emphatically said “Meghan” as in stop that Meghan. I think you sim[y cannot rely on the tabs. They have various agendas and truth-telling is not one of their agendas.
Tell you the truth; I saw nothing like that happening when I watched the wedding, and I had my finger on PS button the entire time, honest to god. I heard this after I started taking anons, that’s what I didn’t want to hear, a bunch of us has been at this from the start, and one day we couldn’t catch a break without hearing about the fame hoes, yes plural.  I’m to the breaking point.  MM, PR better starts filling my tip cup found on the front page of this website.
Thank you! same goes for physics, it’s Hollywood not royal.  He doesn’t need any more then he has already.
Thank you anon, sorry I ranted 🌸🌸😎

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