Partying doesn’t necessarily mean drugs, but Soho House does have a reputation like that.  Hello! It’s a bar, a club.  MM wasn’t in Amsterdam for the turndown service for christ sake there was drinking going.  Pot is legal, you bet there was smoking going on.

If you don’t like me don’t come here, I don’t go to you, ever. You mean zero f**ks to me.

Inside sources do say, high tolerance to drugs. You can believe it or not, it’s up to you.   Calling me a Whore, really 😆I’ve been married 21 years. If you sugars only knew or would even consider what I have written, MM charged 500 an hour according to Enty but he also said she wasn’t a successful yacht girl more of  a land yachter at Soho.  They have a date sheet at Soho.