Smoke and mirrors time again

One anon said
‘I have my doubts about her being pregnant. If this alleged baby is in line for the throne, wouldn’t the official Royal Ob/Gyn would actually want to confirm a pregnancy?’
I agree. So how convenient to announce it publicly in a country far, far away. I bet there is no Royal gynaecologist travelling with them – so any testing and examination would have to wait until they return.
Of course, by then something could have happened, and literally gone down the loo – result mission accompanied anyway:-
Attention away from Eugenie.
Lots of press coverage for everything she is merching whilst in Australia
Take it easy to recover – have a nice restful holiday with her mates all expenses paid
Get out of doing all the boring stuff
Lots of sympathy and lots more attention
Good plan eh?

Yep! Thank you anon  🌸🌸�😎💖


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