what he feels for MM: I cannot say I am 100% certain, but if the actions post the wedding are any indication, he’s more keen on redeeming himself to the family than making THEM acceptable to the family. This is why most of her outings are a disaster – he’s leaving her all alone (which will bite him in the butt in the future). Which is also why he’s trying to stay away from Soho as far as possible (despite what all those articles MM releases say). He’s on solo a redemption tour.

I understand if you believe that there may be gaping holes, and I won’t hold them against you – but there are things I cannot fully share yet. I can only share unless there’s something tangent to what had happened already. Still, I appreciate you sharing them and not just dismissing them outright. (P.S. It’s he.)

Personally, I don’t think Soho House is directly involved. It’s more likely that they just take advantage of the connection at this point. It doesn’t cost them anything no matter what happens.

about merching: Yes, while she has taken in a lot of money, she currently does not have it. Why? The sudden rise in her account would have been suspicious within the year of her marriage. Guess who has it right now.

I was curious about how people would react, but I want to ask – what coercison theory? – SoAn

I read back on what I had said and I understand how it could be thought of as coercion. I would say that it’s half coercion, half saving his own skin. He had hoped he could still have control over the situation, and by the time he had realized how deep he was, it was too late. – SoAn

About M being aware of public opinion: She is painfully aware of it and it does sting. However, she covers it up with the merching she does. Her aim, if I can remember correctly, is to be a modern day Diana – that’s why there’s an uncomfortable familiarity with the clothes. Compare it to Kate, whose style leans towards a modern day Queen Elizabeth/Queen Mother – the difference is staggering. – SoAn

I want to say something about the pregnancy talk, but I may wait around the Commonwealth tour. I still need to verify it with friends who are in the know – SoAn

Palace vs Estate: I recall there was talk about how she has to keep up appearances every time she is around the royals, and that she finds it hard and to tedious to do. Remember the much touted princess/duchess lessons? She did not bother to learn let alone understand everything. As a result, she has been failing one protocol over the other. It was a mutual decision to keep her away as often as possible to avoid further issues (and annoyance). – SoAn

A colleague of mine called me up about some interesting news – I’m out of the country for work related matters, and to be quite honest, I was pleasantly surprised. She’s shifting her timeline and it appears that she’s a bit determined to stay longer as Harry is getting quite bored. I hope I can share more once I come back. – (Wonder why she would announce it now, when in Australia when it isn’t even morning in England? Consider that.) SoAn
Just dropping by to quickly say – things have not been looking good for Harry. I have talked to some people and let me just say – Meghan was never by his side in the first place. He had asked that she postpone the announcement AFTER Eugenie’s wedding (to thank E and J for being gracious enough to give way to them) AND even after the tour, so that enough focus can be given to the places they will visit. Even Harry was taken aback by the announcement, hence why he’s looked pissed a lot – SoAn
Hey! I take it your trip is going well.
Thank you SoAn, MM is not looking well and her belly is up and down on the same night. Her face looks like she was stung by bees today. This is not normal. MM is wearing her fake rubber butt and then takes it off.  MM narrative is falling to pieces since we were informed of a fake pregnancy around the time Eugenie wedding no one believes this narrative. Even traditional Royal bloggers are questioning it.  Her own fans can’t believe her.
Prince Harry should call it quits and get back to the firm. This isn’t going to end well.
Compare it to Maxima’s and Willem’s visit: everything has gone by smoothly so far, and it has done well to secure the relationship between the two countries. They have been planning it all well, and so far the focus has been in strengthening the ties instead of being one member just put into spotlight. Wonder why? They timed it well when H and M are away – avoiding further unpolished embarrassment and no opportunities for Meghan to go to a tiara event – something she’s been desperate to do. -SoAn
Oh yeah, I’ve known this since it was announced. They are proving they are not even close to being ready for one.  What does that say to MM and H?
Pray for Harry – HM was not pleased with their “work” in the Commonwealth Tour (representatives have reached out and COMPLAINED about their demands and activities) and that there was bigger focus on Meghan’s “pregnancy” instead of goodwill towards the places they have visited. Consequence may be that Harry will receive fewer help in the future – monetary and otherwise – SoAn


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