I don’t often publicly comment but I feel the time has come to do so. I have been following this show for way too long now. Coming from Australia I am being bombarded with the ‘Wannabe Hollywood Show’ every hour on the hour from the media who are like pavlovs dog they are drooling over every word. The general public here have always loved Harry and they are not aware of the real background of what went down and of Meghan’s very suspect background. So they will turn up and cheer and the teenage girls will cry and scream as they do. I can honestly say this so called tour was put together very quickly and has no substance or structure or purpose except for a taxpayers paid holiday for dumb and dumber. The Invictus Games starts today and you wouldn’t know it because the media are talking about the Hollywood wannabes. This is very distressing and angers me greatly. Where is Harry isn’t he supposed to be promoting the games? He is not representing the Queen he is on a self promoting holiday. Now Meghan dear girl do you think we are all stupid? Some yes but not all. Three days ago you had no tits and no bump then shock like a miracle overnight you found a padded bra stuffed it and developed a very convenient baby bump. I won’t go into what I think of you but I can say for sure I can see right through you and your game plan and find you a very despicable human being. These two are playing a game a nasty one at that. They are treating all of you like imbeciles. I consider these two to be acting like two clowns and you can either happily pay to watch the teenagers at play or you can walk away your choice. Remember Piers Morgan comment this week. She is fake. She is acting. She is an actress and Harry is her prize. JD I love what you do and thank you for everything you do.

Thank you, sweetheart, you been on DM comments with me since the beginning. You have fought along with Felix, me the rest of the gang at great personal expense to all of us; it’s affected our family lives, sleep, financial. It’s crazy to keep this up.  I agree with everything you said.  All of us are torn which way to go from here. I think we need to sleep on it.  I’m glad I found those pictures, it’s pretty clear right now.

I love you and all the friends I’ve made over the last two years. I made this website for everyone. Let’s come up with some ideas.

I still want to be able to talk and have a great time together.


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