PH is mentally effed up if continue narc’s delusions.

Note Emily Twitter that was only mention of using precautions to prevent zika via fashion. A light color dress with long sleeves does not heed safety when legs are exposed. If anything meme is a walking miracle instant geriatric preg, excessive travel risk blood clot, survive zika =perfect, a healthy baby girl by low struggling sperm count prince. Hmmm. You know if lasts baby will be Diana reincarnated. PH is mentally effed up if continue narc’s delusions.
Not going would have been better all around. MM side denied, KP denied it, said they were going to wait.  KP found out about the interview from a reporter and confirmed the pregnancy to put the kibosh on the interview.  Jess Mulroney is back in Toronto.  Did Ben get the interview? I think not.
Continuing the Narc delusions is only creating more problems for themselves. MM will want more and more, like all blackmailers, it never ends.
Harry is being sucked dried, he is looking pretty sad. When is enough an enough?  I do worry they will not pull the plug in time.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎