No Pity

Why “ pray for H” he’s not a child or helpless man. No matter what his supposed reasons ( coercion or keeping her happy) there’s no excuse even if directed from the Palace which I doubt. Just stand up to her and she’ll walk away faster. I’ve never seen such a pathetic excuse for a 34 year old man. She can be stopped he just doesn’t have the guts to do it. He’s not happy but he’s cowardly. If he was my son or grandson he’d get the ultimatum, the firm or the bitch you choose H.
Sorry if people see him as a mess he is but he’s one phone call from salvation




I have been shouting this for months. I understood the fact he supposedly has PTSD or whatever, but he did work for all of these charities, supporting the cause, his sister in law has organizations supporting it, I did not understand how he could just let this happen. He has got problems? He has to throw the trash out and fix himself. What those boys went thru with Diana I do not wish on any kids, but he has to finally grow up and own it. He is letting her boss HIS STAFF around at HIS PLACE OF RESIDENCE and he does nothing? He is defeated and he is low. This is where we have the problem. And we cannot feel sorry for him because it’s not that he cant do anything about it HE. WONT. Many victims of Narc relationships got out, it is never easy no but they got out. He can too. He’s hardheaded? Then it will bite him in the ass, if it isn’t already.


Dammit all to hell, Vintage🎶