Son’s belligerence? Melt down? ~ Prince Harry

well that is an interesting list. Son’s belligerence? Harry’s meltdown? I don’t think we’ll get the real story just some hints. To me though it sounds like it paints PC is a fairly good light. No one likes Blair and everyone is now opposed to the UK’s entrance into the Iraq war. And if it paints PC as grieving for Di it too makes him look good. But will Harry’s mental instability be the excuse for his disastrous marriage? Is that how they will paint it?
It’s going to be propaganda that’s a given, but I can’t wait to read those parts. It does paint Prince Charles better than anything out there has been written. It’s not bashing Diana and I think that will capture all readers.  Is Prince Harry going to take some of the blame? yes, indeed he is. He lost his mum, he went to war, he got PTSD and whatever else, forgive him for he knows not what he does.
Wink said with the right PR they can save him. Prince Charles loves his son he is pulling him up, take the hand,

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