The imaginary baby !! OMG 😜

get ready she will not miss the chance to mention her imaginary baby in the speech. Probably force Harry to mention it too. He is such a wimp. She seems to have chilled a bit on the nausea inducing PDA (so grown up and professional) the baby bump cradling and the baby bump. Did they get a call from London telling the idiots to behave better? Or was the call from her pr?
He looks he found his nut sack and that may not happen.Β  They should cancel her speech, IMO she took away from those menΒ and women she lucky she got airfare home, I’m waiting for you, Markle. The drama continues, we have hope with Prince Charles, do your magi, sir!Β  I really believe the boss called up to say, knock that off this instant.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎

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