MM is taking advantage of the reorganizations going on right now. For years now, the Palace has been floating the idea of the Queen stepping down or a regency. People are more open to the regency idea, and it looks like it’s going to happen at some point. I doubt there is a set timeline. Like everything else, it will be a very slow build until it’s necessary. As of right now, there’s a major reorganization going on. Think of this period as the mid-point when you’re trying to reorganize a closet. Everything is everywhere, it’s a mess, but it’ll be much better in the end.
William and Harry are most likely splitting. Harry isn’t going to get his own court. He will join the rest of the family at the new BP court run by Prince Charles. That’s why Samantha Cohen has stayed to help them transition. She worked at BP for years and can more easily coordinate things than someone new to BP. They are very careful not to alarm people into thinking the Queen is going to die. So, they do everything very slowly and begin before there is anything serious to worry about.
MM is using this to her advantage to hyper herself up. Everyone can see there’s a reorganization going on. KP splitting into Sussex and Cambridge sounds reasonable if you don’t think to hard about it. So, she is making it sound like she’s getting a court of her own because she’s just that important. Kind of like the ride on the Queen’s train. It’s all a lot of nonsense.


Thank you anon for this! I’ll make this sticky  🌸🌸😎


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  1. And I disagree about people being more open to a regency. The lat one was a disaster. And while people love and respect the Queen, not so many feel the same way about Charles.

  2. The Queen will not abdicate. She’s old school. She made a vow before her God to dedicate her life to doing her duty, and that’s exactly what she’ll do.

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