Loopy as they come :)

Loopy as they come 🙂


How are you?  Tks to Gin and Chin for bringing to notice those demented tweets. The anon who says the tweeter may be MM herself has a point.

I checked on Wiki — Sam has two daughters and TM Jr none. Unless they are as mad as their aunt, why would they — and that too, after being shunned at the wedding — rave and rant against the Queen and Yorkies? Another give away is the reply to Nouvelle…

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Timeline Anon pt 2

Timeline Anon pt 2

Heya JD,
Just to be clear DM has yet to publish a timeline exposing MM. I wanted to see if my challenge to DM would even be published. It was briefly but quickly removed. I think the media will stick with the “two-timing” storyline. It is less “tin-hatter” than the coercion theory. (even if that is the truth) Plus it can easily be proven given MM’s lack of attention to details. Thnx and sorry for…

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Anon I’m so sorry

Anon I’m so sorry

Anonymous said:
Some of the timeline posts are missing. I did include Wimbledon 2016 sat near cress too watching her.
Def finessed invite to dinner Corey made for pm and ph. 2017 crash wedding, polo, ig. Seat jump at Canada ig 2017 look crazed drew attn to self-stood when no one else did to b seen.
Tig posts even conflict time, travel in Europe w girls. Not in Africa at time claims.
This gives a…

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Daily Mail ~ Eden Confidential ~ Meghan return to Hollywood Say Pal Agent

Daily Mail ~ Eden Confidential ~ Meghan return to Hollywood Say Pal Agent


‘I’m sure she’ll make a movie again’: Meghan will return to Hollywood, says her pal and agent (who insists she’ll face down hostile royal officials)


PUBLISHED: 17:03 EST, 30 November 2018 | UPDATED: 17:13 EST, 30 November 2018

Married to Prince Harry and with a baby on…

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Looky This

Meghan’s old agent at Krueger and Cowne is predicting Meghan will return to H Wood. OH I smell something. Ah yes, she had to dump the RF for a return to the career she loves so much. Or she needs cover for getting her ass kicked out.


But Hollywood don’t want her they are laughing at her too!…

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Daily Mail~ Rebecca English ~ MM ~ Dictatorial Bride wanted air fresheners for St. George’s Chapel

Daily Mail~ Rebecca English ~ MM ~ Dictatorial Bride wanted air fresheners for St. George’s Chapel


Meghan kicks up a stink: ‘Dictatorial’ bride wanted air fresheners for ‘musty’ 15th-century St George’s Chapel… but the Palace told her no

  • Royal insiders reveal the Duchess of Sussex wanted air fresheners inside St George’s Chapel for her wedding 
  • Kensingt…

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I notice that your site is faster. Thanks for speeding it up! Whatever was on there before was NOT user friendly. My computer couldn’t open anything.

Vintage, Thanks for the Devil went down to Georgia. I haven’t heard it in a while. listened to it and the lyrics really fit this weird situation.


Oh you’re welcome! I posted another song last night also, called “I Really Don’t Need No Light” It…

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