Private ask or not?

Hello If you think this is ok to post go for it lol. I’ve noticed MM behaviors of late, and she seems unsteady, dazed, confused not knowing what to do. H seems to have to guide her along. Quite frankly she looks high. I know the hand holding is their brand now, but some of the time it looks like he is supporting her, helping her up the steps, moving her along. Not all the hand holding looks affectionate imo more like assisting a drunk-high friend. During those times he looks annoyed and stressed I could only imagine which with the press around I wonder if H just wants to move her along. The series of pics at the bottom of the steps maroon dress no bump lol, before boarding to go back to Sydney she looked impaired. He was just get her up the steps.
Thoughts am I over reading this.

Anon, this is fine we are speculating, I agree with you. We talk about this issue all the time. I joked and called it the botoxic stare, but it’s scary. We saw comments from someone at Admiralty House claim, mood swings and treating the staff badly as poor Prince Harry apologized for her behavior. That is not normal.  It wasn’t just this tour that she looks inebriated.

Three separate private sources and Enty, the entertainment lawyer claimed that MM is into the hard stuff, enty said “Coke and booze.”  we suspected some kind of sedative, there are pictures out to show this may be true.

I thought maybe Harry was enabling her; she has a power over him, perhaps he doesn’t want to be proven wrong. Something to ponder over.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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