she was born that way

How do you suppose MM was able to get Cory as a boyfriend and Trevor as a husband? I read that she only became bad after getting involved with MA. I don’t believe this. You don’t just suddenly become a pathological liar. This trait starts in childhood and in early teens and gets progressively worse, as we all know. Those 2 guys had to have known she was a nutcase, same with Harry. Sorry, but nuttiness is a HUGE turn off!!
She was born that way! They may mistake confidence for Narcissism; she comes off strangely to others, I had a source said she was in their company and she went on about that dumb blue beaded bracelet bragging.   She said that her mother told her to never be like one of those girls. All of his friends smelled social climber when they met her. They let Harry know about it; he didn’t like that.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎