Going Out On a Speculation Limb✨✨

JD and the wonderful contributors put on your thinking caps. I’m not buying the lawyers yet and their pathetic representation of A ROYAL no doubt. What a lame offer for an agreement, engagement and the all time stupid a wedding presumably legal. How does she pay for her lawyers pray tell lol? No way would the wedding of the year been called off 3 days before the event, the British public would have been enraged and rightly so. Begs the question, what sort of damaging stuff could they have on the BRF? Sex…check, nah if Vegas H nude photos didn’t shake the monarchy to reign him in ( single men don’t go to Vegas for a hike in the desert ) then what’s up with SoHo ? Vegas vs SoHo same thing different climate. Short of a tape with beastiality, sex with a minor or H is gay and financial misconduct what could it be then. I tend to agree that the race card is central to this mess at least for now. The optics of kicking her to the curb if not careful could be a problem. Imagine if they called the wedding off. No Markle’s at the wedding but a saintly mother was front and center.
I’m hoping someone from the RF spies in here and reads this. Harry is the forgotten clown the never going to be king, son and grandson. They’ve left him to his own naive devises which is heart breaking. He obviously wants attention and to be seen as a contributor to the family. Yet royals failed to see the pain behind the clown. Many families have this scenario but not on the world stage. I know he is an adult by age but not by experience with savvy social climbers. She’s good I’ll give MM that.
So what’s the real problem here? Scandal!!! oh please really anyone that studies history, read the history of the royals or visited the Tower of London, they are unflappable, I suggest marathon The Crown, it always wins.
JD when you talk to your sources ask some questions about the legal council why were they so ineffective or appeared to be and this charade went this far. I genuinely feel bad for H. My observation is, the feeling he might have of never measuring up add to that his legendary poor judgment mixed with always needing to be fix in the background or corrected. Even more unfortunate he was “ on the right track” going forward now this. H may not intentionally be the cause of this mess but he is the symptom. Supposedly the RF has a plan we see things hopefully changing but it’s woefully slow. What’s interesting to me, the only adult in the room appears to be H’s older protective brother taking the steps the queen and PC should have. By pulling back everything till she’s gone, clean out the house and do the right thing for a family member, then learn from this and rebuild.

I really like your ask! Let me speculate that he may be covering for family members, taking one for the team you might say. Soho is a breeding ground for abuse of humans. I’ll make this sticky so people can see it.

Thank you anon,  🌸🌸😎🌈


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  1. I totally agree with this ask. What about the British Secret Service, Scotland Yard etc they have the means to make people disappear and a washed up escort would be nothing for them to “fix the problem’.

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