Responding to “Love it’s Ok”

Responding to “Love it’s Ok”: She is being vague because she needs to consult the Royal calendar, She will “give birth” at a time that will cause the most chaos–on a royal birthday, an anniversary, a major speech. This alleged “birth” most not only be the most important event of the year, but must show the RF who really has the power. Birthdays: Kate’s- Jan 9, Andrew-Feb 19, Edward and Eugenie in March, the Queen April 21.
Okay, so you think she will try to overshadow these events in the future? Which makes sense MM is doing scams like this, which as a royal watcher, this is a huge mistake.
I’ve been watching the Royal documentaries on NetFlix and they are good! The Windsors are what I am on now, one of the things they made a point of you do not overshadow another royal.
I suspect that Markle did her homework and watched all of these, maybe I can grab some insight. MM seems keen on doing it Diana style, we all know what happens there, she got kicked out.
Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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