stalking history

clues to mm getting to ph and the climbing she did to reach him. reportedly mm had been scheming trying to get close using connected ppl that knew someone closer to ph and continued to climb while soho basically became involved in some way. interested in what enty has to say since he knows all of hollyweird. enty claim mm main goal per suitcase days was part of a group to a get rich man to support. jane austen story only in 21st century. it really was creepy to see mm sit near cressida at wimbledon. mm used nono, goldsmith’s exwife and others. how much she did to get to ph and things she did to pay a price for contact. amazing the suppressed info that media does not report on. a real book was suppose to come out even with pay to play sources, but it could have been shut down like trevor’s show of divorced american w child marries br prince.




it got real son.