The Oceania Tour

I have been reading that the Australian tour was a great success and brought in millions of dollars. Do you think this is true or just more of MM’s bullshit P.R.? It is being described as ‚Äútourism gold.‚ÄĚ

Any Royal tour will help economies, did Harry & Meg’s tour helped them now? No, it’s investment in the country’s future. These countries had to pay the bill for their travel, entourage and stay.

I’ll give you my opinion as a Hospitality/travel expert.

In my opinion, the big winner is New Zealand as a travel destination. It showed a beautiful place to go for the ecotourism boom happening now.

This is followed by Sydney, Austrailia as a fabulous metropolitan area to visit and have fun. Followed by Bondi Beach and Fraser Island.

The biggest losers are Tonga and Fiji the focus was too much on them and not enough on the natural beauty of these amazing islands and wildlife. Let me show you what you missed. Who wants to go now?


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Tonga This is a great fishing/diving vacation