Just a reminder to the surrogacy believers. UK law does not recognize surrogacy contracts. The surrogate and sperm donor are the legal parents so if MM used a surrogate she’d have to adopt the child to be a legal parent. The surrogate can choose to keep the child. So lots of risk there. I rather doubt she is using a surrogate. I doubt she is pregnant at all.
We are going to have to keep reminding people every day if need be. Twitter is loaded with it because of the bump. Markle needs to get off her feet and rest. Cancel the engagements she has; she can’t handle it!  The baby bump was doing up and down, must be swelling?  I’m joking.
People remember what this anon is saying. I doubt that she is pregnant too.  This is MM we are talking about; the palace has to get a moving.
Thank you anon, I’ll make this post sticky 🌸🌸😎🌈


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