Coincidentally….or Jessica Mulroney and her PR friends

Coincidentally….or Jessica Mulroney and her PR friends

Part 1 Natasha Koifman NKPR REPRESENTING Line the Meghan coat and Links of London

First, it was easy to prove that they are friends

One of my all-time favorite articles.

Besides all the Birks merching hypocrite. It has some more interesting parts

1) It seems they forgot to mention that Shinan Govani also is represented by NKPR. You remember the guy that was giving interviews while IG Toronto telling about Harry running around on the Suits`set?

Do you remember the Marks and Spencer jumper mm wore?

3) The mysterious Christmas bracelet. Luckily they were able to identify it

But wait for the Highlight. They did a wedding post

 and The Queen is now a member of the merching club

As usual Google is your friend. They tagged JM and we know where all the information has its origin