Good Morning Friends! Wow this so screwed up

This is so screwed up. This is the ultimate gas lighting party yet


the MeAgain Markle International Shit Show

Doria invited to Sandringham for Christmas

Markle is part of Prince of Wales transition team

What is she doing? Smoking crack!

Some people sold their souls to the devil succubus to commit treason for that trollop.

How much longer will we be punished?  We all heard November was going to be a bad month I figured for Markle but the way it’s going she is kicking everybody ass because you didn’t like her acting on tour. 😥

I know Vintage is saying I told you they were all in on it, God Damn if she was right.  We’ll dive into that once Lila4 releases her explosive post that will make you shiver with madness. Somebody got some explaining to do

Breezycooke is working on the next part of the best of Royal drama and scandals of days gone by, that was some smooth reading. You guys have got to read all about

We are going to keep on top of this ever-growing bonfire with Prince Charles and the gang rest assured.

Everybody have a great day it’s time for me to go to bed, Vin is taking over from here🌸🌸😎, Jd

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