Meghan’s Merching

Meghan’s Merching by anon

I’m pondering all of these questions. Of all the members within the RF, why is Meg the only one who has to merch to make money? The BRF takes care of its own. So what does that say about Meg? KP said her wardrobe was paid for privately…which simply means not covered by the duchy. But why? And since she was merching, none of her wardrobes was “paid” for. So in essence, she received £130,000 worth of freebies to make money off. But she wouldn’t have to do any of that IF she is a member of the BRF and Harry’s “legal” wife. So is she really?

Why would she have to dress up in several outfits a day, parade around in jewelry and pumps that were surely killing her feet after seemingly having bunion surgery like a high priced hooker, if as Harry’s wife, she should be financially supported by the duchy?

Just some things to think about because the truth is hidden in plain sight.



Yes, you are correct anon, all of what you wrote is spot on! 😉 MM isn’t being supported in Royal sense.

MM is going broke keeping up this farce, this kind of PR is expensive, and she was never what she said she was. MM was never rich; she had a part-time role on an obscure network, she walked away with 14k per episode after taxes agent and PR fees. Since she has no job, Markle has to pay this bill with her merching money. Sources say Harry can’t afford a sandwich, no telling how much he has paid to get her out of debt.  Other sources say that she may have some kind of contract with Soho House she must fulfill, Harry may have one too.

If she were a real royal, MM wouldn’t be allowed to do this.

All your questions are valid.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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