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Christmas and Dorito

Hello JD I am Joseph, reading this post, I am going to be very very positive … We believe blindly in a false pregnancy, really MM has at most until December for spontaneous abortion, from January it would have approximately six months of gestation, many many babies survive with six months of gestation, so the time for a spontaneous abortion ends in December.

Just in December for Christmas the English parliament has a very important meeting of the Brexit, they are voting again for a Referendum? Or leave UE with the Brexit in March.

I live in Spain, and I think they will not leave the EU, so they will vote for a new referendum (that’s what I think). And the conservative party needs articles to fill newspapers and reduce the negative impact of the new referendum on its voters.

And if we put together both dates, that of the parliament and the end of the time for an abortion … We have ????? Christmas!!! So I think (positively) that the abortion will come for Christmas and Dorito will be with her daughter giving love and consolation. I hope, and it’s like that …. Happy day 🙂


Hello Joseph! Thank you for your posts that you send.  This is interesting, I was given her to the end of November as Lovenoway said after that time it would have funeral! Ouch! You think we should move the deadline to December?  Okay, let’s do that and see what happen.

We are looking for a male blogger to give his point of view, and I have upgraded you to author for your thought-provoking anons. If this sounds interesting to you, let me know.

Thank you again, Joseph🌸🌸😎🌈