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Love, love, love Idris in the English TV series “Luther”. If you’ve never seen it, try to get a hold of all 4 seasons. He plays a profiler/detective in London who gets all the really creepy cases. And Ruth Wilson who plays Alice Morgan is mind boggling. We loved this series so much that I bought it for our permanent collection.

I haven’t seen it! My sister in law LOVES to watch British shows on Netflix and she has really got me and my husband (her brother) hooked on some of them. I know she has seen Luther and it swears by it. I hate visiting her because I binge watch British shows on Netflix until like 4AM! JD told me about the Bodyguard now on Netflix and I love the main actor!
I truly think the British people are so creative when it comes to their shows! And then we, the Americans, use their ideas as our own lol! I will be sure to take you up on your suggestion!
Thank you Anon!
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