Harry Bows – Queen Looks Away

I recently downloaded a GIF app so that I can upload my own GIF’s instead of using the ones already on Tumblr. I like to have multiple options for the response I want to give when using a GIF.

Today I had some time and decided to search in my new app for Meghan Markle GIF’s…hahahaha…of course a ton came up from the Royal Wedding but one popped up that I found interesting.

It’s the moment when Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip walk into the church and Prince Harry bows. Part of him is cut off in order to focus on HM and PP but you can tell it’s him by the uniform and the hair.

If you watch closely, notice how HM grimaces and looks away as he bows. PP also seems to have a very strained smile on his face as he looks at his grandson.

This was the first time I saw this specific part of the wedding ceremony but I thought it was an excellent find! Truly shows their emotions that day, and they weren’t happy ones!

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Harry Bows – Queen Looks Away


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