Sun article ~ Vin

Right Vin! MM pr tried to say she picked the tiara but we all know how it goes HM picks it. I am wondering abut all this MM gets whatever she wants from Harry stuff we see. Is this laying out an excuse for him? He was so besotted or he was so afraid of her he gave into her every demand?


That’s what i think. But think about it she did not act like that around the family, she does not act like that around them. So she has Harry wrapped around her finger and because he said that she took it and ran. But what she needs to know is that the Queen picks what she should and should not wear, SHE picks the important things like tiaras and jewelry. She picks nothing. Queen Elizabeth II picks what she should wear. And if she dont like it or she cant accept it she can get the fuck out. Simple. And Harry can go with her if it’s that much of a problem. But I bet you she will dump him too.


Much Love, Vintage🎶🦂