Do we prepare for spontaneous abortion?

Hi JD, I’m Joseph … Do we prepare for spontaneous abortion?

All those articles “Exclusive to The Sun” (who showed the photos of the courtship, was … The SUN….. and paid, of course)…. about the “Tiara” is just the beginning of the demolition of MM… They are beginning to make it clear in public that whoever is in charge is HM (of course !!).

Now they will begin to write that the relationship with HM is not good (a Diana 2.0 as she wants), they will send her more and more stress, is there anything worse for a narcissist than to make it clear that she has neither the power nor the control?

Because it’s just a bug!

And in the end with so much stress we will have … an abortion!

And nobody, nobody will blame HM, the guilty will always be MM for having pressed for a wedding, she had to have been more time as a girlfriend, to know more about the FR, its traditions, organization and so on.

So she will become the victim (Diana 2.0), but the reality is that she is responsible.

She will have to travel to the USA for the “Thanksgiving” party … She will return to the UK and who knows … Are there many trips for any ¿¿pregnant woman??

Possibly for December. Wait and see.



Thank you Joseph for a man’s point of view, we speculate of course and interesting point of view.


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