Dear Megs, your PR response is below…

Dear Megs,

In case you are bored today since PH has abandoned you to watch England vs. New Zealand in rugby, I thought I would go ahead and offer my advice on how to deal with the negative PR regarding your wedding tiara. 

So, you threw a fit. You were a bridezilla. Hey, everyone is entitled to want their own wedding to go exactly as planned. 

Now the tiara you wanted to wear was denied, so you approached your “devoted” fiancé and DEMANDED that he get you what you want. Because it’s “What Meghan wants, Meghan gets!” right!? 

The tiara was already earmarked for a ROYAL bride. That bride being Princess Eugenie. 

I am sure you have already read every single article written about your callous behavior and you are desperately trying to smooth things over, so you once again are gracious, kind, giving, and blah blah blah. 

Here is how you spin this in your favor. 

First, there was never any angry confrontation. You had been told by a novice staff member that you could wear the GevilleTiara. Hence the emotions and confusion factor.

Second, when it was made clear you couldn’t wear the tiara because Eugenie had already picked it out, you DID NOT throw a fit and go running to your husband.

You instead started crying because the pressure with your family was all too much. 

Next, play it off like Eugenie had somehow found out about the tiara YOU wanted to wear, and she ran to Daddy and her Grandmother hysterical saying that was the tiara SHE wanted to wear! 

It was bad enough she had to move her wedding date due to your tour and you had picked the same venue she had always dreamed of getting married in. She also had to move her engagement announcement because of you. 

Now, let’s make it out that she was the one who threw the fit since she had already had to make so many changes to accommodate you. This time she HAD to take something away from YOU. Because you are so magnanimous, you graciously stepped aside and let her have the tiara. It was the only thing you could do to appease the spoiled brat, right? 

Lastly, in order to thank you for your giving nature, the Queen decided to personally thank you and Harry for being so understanding about this.  She invited you to see the tiaras SHE PERSONALLY picked for YOU! One being Queen Mary’s Bandeau Tiara. This is the one SHE recommended based on the descriptions of your beautiful gown. 

See there! I have done the work for your PR agencies! Now you can just sit back and relax!

breezycooke 🤠💨🤠💨

Dear Megs, your PR response is below…


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