Eric Clapton In The Past…

If any of you are heavy into music history like I am. you would know the story of Pattie Boyd. She was the ultimate muse of rock and roll. Blonde haired and blue eyed, she was absolutely gorgeous, and so in 1962, she tried her hand as a supermodel, modeling with Twiggy, and a lot of other famous models from that era. Then a couple years later ,she landed a role as an extra in The Beatles movie ‘A Hard Days Night’.  George Harrison spotted her and was immediately smitten. They married a few years later, she was absolutely devoted to him, eve though there were rumors that he was cheating on her. There were a lot of issues in their marriage, and they did a great job of keeping it out of the media. George was great with that, keeping his private life separate from his public life. In the late 60s, is when she met Eric Clapton, a brilliant musician, and he did become great friends with George. Eric laid eyes on Pattie and immediately became obsessed. Not in a dangerous way, but he had never seen anyone as beautiful as her. From that moment on he low key pursued her, and she remained faithful to George. With every rejection dealt to him by her, he spiraled out of control. The infamous song Layla, and quite a few more songs were written about her, even ‘Something’ by The Beatles was inspired by her. I watched the movie 12 Bars and Eric basically explains how all of that came about. These events started the most twisted love affair in history. They did marry in 1979, but Eric was too far gone and I guess the idea of him finally getting her got to his head and he mistreated her badly. Just like with George before him, she was left unhappy. They divorced some years later, they were better off as friends, and she continued to support him. Even with the death of his son, she was there for him. They are friends to this day, Eric has been clean and sober for a lot of years. He’s got a wife and kids,and occasionally tours.


For further insight, you can check out the movie Life In 12 Bars, and read her book, ‘Wonderful Today’. It is a fascinating story indeed.