Friends of JD – We know our TRUTH, Do You?✨✨✨


So the past few days, we here at jerseydeanne & friends have been busy with all the new information that has been circling the internet regarding the Royal Family and Megs. As we are sure all of you have as well.

We have been conducting some in depth research into the characters surrounding the Meghan and Harry fiasco. One of the key players of all of this, Ron Burkle, jerserydeanne (JD) herself has been investigating. 

Back in August, JD posted a sticky of media outlets reporting on MM & PH and the people associated with said media outlets. One of the outlets listed was Radar Online. Ron Burkle’s association with this specific publishing corporation was on this post as well. For the past two years JD has compiled a nice dossier on Ron and it’s a doozy. His connections and the percentages of ownership in specific companies will blow you away.  

Now, we are aware that some of this is just hitting the Tumblr radar, even though JD herself has been posting about this topic, and we wanted to make sure that the TRUTH is being reported. There are people that have been told certain things, as a way to test their loyalty, and let’s just say, we know who you are, and you have failed. Miserably, I might add. 

JD has invested two years of her life into this investigation and frankly, she deserves better. TWO years she has been researching and compiling information. She is ready to release the biggest piece yet and now she knows who she can trust. 

It’s very easy to see someone’s work on here and re-blog. That is fine with us, it is a compliment actually. However, don’t steal other people’s hard work and run off and turn it into your own. That’s just wrong, and lazy might I add. Time and time again, I have seen this malicious behavior and it’s getting rather pathetic. We are here to HELP one another, not backstab. So when this information is released by the ONE AND ONLY JD, remember who invested the time and effort and who simply will copy her hard work. 

So, stop playing a victim, and acting as if “I never did anything,” because frankly, it’s beginning to resemble Meghan Markle’s MO just a tad. 

Thank you

Friends of JD

 Friends of JD – We know our TRUTH, Do You?


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