The Tiara Story and Jobson’s book

The tiara story is in the Jobson book right? So where did Jobson get the story from? PC’s staff? The story itself isn’t important it is the fact the story was released that matters. We get too hung up in the details of these tabloid stories when we should be paying attention to the strategic things. Why is the story released? Who released it? Where did it come from? That is more telling in terms of agendas being played etc. because many of these stories are not true or exaggerated. We saw that with all of MM’s fake date stories. The so-called dates with Harry by and large never occurred and where a means to merch.

One might think this story came from the York camp as payback for the pregnancy announcement at the wedding but the book was written well before that so that is not a good explanation. The Jobson book really hits Harry for his “whatever Meghan wants Meghan gets” stance and being a pr whore. So to me, there is a lot of payback to Harry for his stunts. Which he may deserve we had several anons coming and saying that Harry during the engagement was screeching away at PC HM etc and putting enormous pressure on them for the hit he was taking.

I just do not know what is going on. In the pics from Fraser Island, we see two Harry’s. During the walkabout with Meghan, he is relaxed and happy looking. But when he was away from Meghan on the beach during the engagement he looks flat out deeply distressed. I give up. Whatever is happening will eventually shake out and then we’ll see. But there is no denying this mess was caused by Harry and his reckless irresponsible ways.


Not really, it was leaked by a palace source, I’m not buying Jobson, sounds like MM to me, attractive, educated the only thing missing was he chose me, screw all of that. Cepe Smith said, don’t believe everything in this book, I trust Cepe.

I know what I know, that’s not truthful to me, I won’t even bother with the rest of the excerpt published.  I posted all the links and said that it seems okay but I have not read them yet, boy I’ll tell you what, don’t!

Wow, Meghan Markle fantasies on wanting to be Queen, what rubbish, Jobson should be arrested for treason or writing under the influence of drugs and or alcohol. Be given a plastic spoon so he doesn’t hurt himself. He wrote this as historical fact??  If he wrote as fan fiction we could have a good laugh, maybe we still should. It’s a bad joke and I hope it fails miserably. The girl couldn’t put the Royal wedding together, Prince Charles had to step in it wasn’t for the reasons stated. Markle is not helping Prince Charles with the transition for love of God!

MM is not trustworthy.

Thank you anon 🌸🌸😎


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